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Fetch These Pawsome Deals: Discount Codes for Dog Products and Services

hound dog on purple background

We've fetched some incredible discount codes just for you (and your dog), for savings on a variety of great products and services that we love.

Private Rentals


Code: PAWSINTHEDMV for $5 off your first visit

SniffSpot is an app where you can rent private backyards for your dog to play in. (Like Airbnb but for backyards!) It's great for reactive dogs who can't be around other dogs/humans and is safer than dog parks. It's also convenient if you live in an apartment or townhouse with a small yard. Use our discount code for $5 off your first visit.


Referral Link: $25 off your first visit

Swimply is an app where you can book private pools by the hour. There's an option to select dog friendly pools and it's a great way to let your pup swim in a private setting!

Dog Accessories

Sassy Woof

Code: PAWSINTHEDMV for 10% off entire purchase

Sassy Woof is a stylish dog accessory company that offers fashionable bandanas, bow ties, and collars for dogs. With a focus on quality and individuality, Sassy Woof provides pet owners with trendy options to showcase their furry friends' personality. It's owned by a local NoVa dog mom!

Please note that some of these may be affiliate links, which means that we may receive a small commission when you make a purchase using our link, at no additional cost to you.

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